X-ise - India's first and most comprehensive Excise Software
X-ise, the Central Excise Software takes care of all the statutory registers and returns required under the Central Excise Rules.

X-ise offers you comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with your accounting system.

X-ise has been kept updated with the fast changing excise laws of our country. We have successfully released timely updates/upgrades relating to following major changes in excise procedures:

  • Revised returns and record keeping subsequent to changes in Central Excise Rules in September, 2001
  • Introduction of multiple duties in textile industry (NCCD, etc.)
  • Introduction of new Registered Dealer's Return (Form-2, April, 2003)
  • Introduction of new ER.1, ER.2 and ER.3 Return (October, 2003)
  • Introduction of new electronic filing of excise returns (June, 2004)
  • Introduction of Education Cess and Service Tax credit (July, 2004)

During pre and post-budget our qualified R&D panel and developers are on their toes to meet any eventualities of legal amendments.

A unique in-built Rule Book (X-Rule) helps us to take care of all excise related eventualities. X-Rule gives us the advantage of incorporating the frequent changes in Central Excise Rules with minimal down time.

  New Features
  Types of manufacturing and trade activities supported
  Types of excise duties and levies supported
  Basis of excise duty levy supported
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  Registers and returns of manufacturers
  Job work activities
  Small Scale Units
  Export activities
  Generic inventory reports
  Registered dealers
  e-Filing of central excise returns
  Power features
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     New features Go to top
  • Excellent Windows and DOS printing. Complete support for lasers, inkjet & Dot Matrix
  • Option for Print Preview
  • e-return compatible
    •  Quarterly return of Registered Dealers
    •  ER 1 return for Manufacturers
  • Email any report with a click of mouse
  • Reports can be saved in Word, Excel & Html formats
  • Revamped excise reports & returns with up to 40% paper saving, incorporating more informa-tion, A4 & legal sized compatible reports also available
  • Multi tasking - Can open more than one reports and entry modules at a time
  • User defined multiple bill formats with option to select Classic (Dos) or graphics mode printing
  • Reports can be printed in Classic (Dos) or graphic mode
  • Easy entry & report options with 60% time saving to enter any documents
     Types of manufacturing and trade activities supported Go to top
  • Manufacturers
  • Export related activities (Rebate claim, CT3 & Bond/LUT)
  • SSI & Non-SSI units (including slab defn. and on-line assessable value check)
  • Job work accepted
  • Job work given outside
  • Registered Dealers
     Types of excise duties and levies supported Go to top
  • BED
  • SED
  • AED (GSI)
  • NCCD
  • AED (TTA)
  • SAED
  • ADE
  • ADET
  • Education cess
  • Service Tax
  • Cess (leviable under other Cess enactments)
     Basis of excise duty levy supported Go to top
  • Ad-valorem basis
  • MRP based duty computation
  • Specific rate basis (per unit duty)
  • Excise duty on inclusive or exclusive basis
     Recommended by experts Go to top
  • X-ise has been developed under the competent guidance of Shri D V Shidhaye, Pune based eminent author, practitioner and contributor to ELT and other publications.
  • Many of the reports have been revised on the recommendations of Shri V S Datey, B.Tech, FCS, FICWA, author of books on corporate laws & indirect taxes.
  • Manufacturing units can have a good look at X-ise if they are planning to computerise the difficult area of Central Excise" - Yogen V. Mahadevia, Advocate (Vadodara)
Remember with X-ise you not only maintain your excise records, we also help you comply with the law. The cost of software is the cost of non-compliance.
     Can X-ise support your industry? Go to top
X-ise can be used for any type of manufacturing concern. Some of them are:
  • Engineering concerns
  • Paper (paper, kraft paper, corrugated)
  • Textiles (garments, texturisers, etc.)
  • Jute
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals & Cosmetics
  • Glass
  • Petrochemicals and Lubricants
  • Ship Building
  • Plastics, etc.

     Registers and returns of manufacturers Go to top
  • RG23A Part I - Account of inputs
  • RG23A Part II - Duty register for Cenvat Credit in relation to Inputs
  • RG23C Part I - Account of capital goods
  • RG23C Part II - Duty register for Cenvat Credit (Capital goods & Components)
  • Account of raw materials (Form IV)
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • Duty Register (details of Cenvat payable and debit entries)
  • Checklist - Duty liability and Duty balances giving comprehensive information of credits on duty accounts and Central Excise duty payable
  • Removal Summary : summary of all clearances - monthly / yearly
  • ER.1, ER.2 and ER.3 - Monthly or quarterly returns of excisable goods
  • Old Cenvat Monthly Return under Rule 7 for Inputs & Capital goods
  • Report of consumption related to production of exempted goods and computation of relevant duty credit to be written back
  • Simultaneous carrying of Trading activity by a Manufacturer

     Job work activities Go to top
Job work given
  • Goods sent for job working
  • Goods directly sent from seller for job working
  • Scenarios of goods movement like, Goods further sent, Goods produced and kept, and finally job completed
  • Receipt of goods against challan or purchase invoice
  • Option to sell goods directly from job worker's place
  • Goods pending with job worker
  • Account of raw material sent for Job working (Annexure IV)
  • Job worker wise Annexure IV
  • Job worker wise production report
  • Other MIS reports
Job work accepted
  • Goods received for job working
  • Scenarios of goods movement like, goods processed and kept, goods processed and returned
  • Option to return processed goods against challan or sale invoice
  • Account of raw material received for Job working (Annexure V)
  • Customer wise Annexure V
  • Other MIS reports

     Small Scale Units Go to top
  • Supports full and part SSI exemption
  • SSI duty slab definition and its on-line check for turnover (excludes export, CT3 and branded removals)
  • Automatic switch from reduced duty to full duty when SSI limit is crossed
  • Assessable value break-up of home, captive, branded and exports (rebate claim & CT3) removal for the purpose of determining SSI limit

     Export activities Go to top
  • Export Invoices entry - against Bond, LUT, CT3 or rebate claim
  • CT3 Purchase Orders
  • CT3 Sales Orders
  • ARE.1 - Filing
  • ARE.1 - Acknowledgment
  • CT3 Register (Sales)
  • CT3 Register (Purchase) with tracking from procurement to production to sales
  • Running Bond register
  • Statement regarding export of excisable goods without payment of duty (Annexure 19)
  • ER.2 - Monthly returns required to be filed by EOUs

     Generic inventory reports Go to top
(Many of the reports have multiple flavours like Product-wise, Date-wise, Location-wise)
  • Inward Register
  • Outward Register
  • Stock Ledger
  • Material InOut Register
  • Stock Level Status
  • Production Planning
  • Production Register
  • Consumption Register
  • Inter Stock Transfer
  • Avg. Rate of Inventory
  • Closing Stock Valuation
  • Dead Stock Statement
  • ABC Analysis

     Registered dealers Go to top
  • Excise invoice raised by first and second stage registered dealers to pass on Cenvat credit. Option to print details of all items of the corresponding purchase document.
  • RG23 D - Per-forma of record of receipt of excisable/imported goods and issues thereof (option for location-wise maintenance)
    • Option to ignore unsold purchases
    • Option to suppress fully adjusted purchases
    • Option to consider period specific purchases
  • Quarterly Return (Form 2)
  • Unused Cenvat - Date-wise, Item-wise or Location/Item-wise
  • Defacement Report
    • Item-wise, Group-wise, Subheading-wise, Composite
    • For composite basis - report for specified document
    • For exhausted, unexhausted or all purchase documents
  • Simultaneous carrying of Trading activity by a Manufacturer

     e-Filing of central excise returns Go to top
  • Generates text files in prescribed format for all sections of ER.1, ER.2 and ER.3
  • Generates text files in prescribed format for TR 6 challan
  • Generates text files in prescribed format for all sections of Dealers Quarterly return

     Power features Go to top
  • Complete Central Excise Accounting incorporating latest excise rules.
  • Batch wise Inventory
  • Bar code support at different levels from inward to production to dispatch
  • Comprehensive Access Rights for each options and sub-options.
  • Data export to ERP & RDBMS systems*
  • Complete integration with enterprise wide accounting
  • Data export/import between H.O. and factory(ies) for consolidated accounts*

     Budget 2004 compliant X-ise Go to top
  • Incorporates Education Cess, credit of education cess also enabled.
  • Incorporates Service Tax credit and utilisation of service tax credit and excise duty credit between each other.
  • E-filing of ER.1, ER.2, ER.3, Registered dealer's return and TR.6 challan.
  • Revised Duty register giving assessable value break up of removals for home consumption, branded goods and exports
  • Job Issue Register
  • Job Received Register
  • Customer wise summary of duty passed (Registered dealers)
  • CT3 Purchase Register

X-ise Users
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Bio Pack India Ltd
Himatsingka Chemical Pvt Ltd - Kolkata
Hindustan Vidyut Udyog Ltd - Faridabad
Ingram Micro India - multi locations
Kedia Lamikote (India) Ltd - Mumbai & Bhiwandi
Parle Soft Drinks Pvt Ltd - Chennai & Silvassa
Poly Link Polymers India Ltd - Ahmedabad
Rubamin Ltd - Halol, Gujarat
Siemens Public Comm Networks Ltd - Kolkata
Shree Bajarang Ispat Limited - Vishakapatnam
Super Gas Ltd - multi locations
Swiss Glass Coats Ltd, Anand
Synfab Sales & Industries Ltd - Dadra
T & I Ltd - Coimbatore
Titagarh Industries Ltd - Titagarh
Valvoline Cummins Ltd - multi locations
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