Company Profile

     Coral Soff'wares Corporate Profile
Coral Soff'wares Limited was registered at Calcutta, India, as Coral Consultants Pte Ltd. in 1988.
  • Our first product launch was ACE and it was launched in early 1990. Though the passage of time, we have released many versions of it. The latest version of ACE is 9.0. It is packed with many powerful and revolutionary features.
  • Second product launched was OMEGA in 1990. OMEGA 3.1 is our latest version and is popular due to its flexibility and ease of use nature. It is powered to keep track of your various personal information
  • Third product launch was X-ise, in 1998. It maintains statutory records which are required to be maintained by Central Excise assessees under Central Excise Act, 1944. X-ise has two variants viz, Manufacturer and Registered Dealer. It includes maintaince of CENVAT records. Some of the other reports are RG 23A-I, RG 23A-II, RG 23D, Form IV, RG-I, RT-12, RT-5, etc. The Gate Pass cum Invoice cannot only be generated on-line. All its elements (header, footer, columns, totalling, etc.) can be changed to suit individual requirements. Customers can get approval of the Gate Pass cum Invoice generated by X-ise.
  • Fourth product launch was ACE Millennium. It takes care accounting of various service industry and trading operation
  • The current installed base of CORAL customers exceeds 10,000+.