ace@web - Web enabled ACE
ace@web provides you instant information about activities at your branches or at your dealers end, thereby cutting short valuable time that is otherwise lost in culling data from various branches and dealers. It automatically translates to greater productivity, transparency, efficiency and consequently higher profits.
  • ace@web includes Inquiry handling over web
  • ace@web can be used for Branch/Network Management
  • Direct data upload, no FTP required
     How does ace@web work?
It is quite simple really. It starts with your ACE data, which is uploaded from your local server to your internet server. Security is not a problem because you can have your "own" server with access code known to you and your dealer or branch.
It is mandatory for the dealers or branches to have internet connectivity. ace@web offers a two-way convenience. Branches and dealers can periodically look into the information (which is constantly upgraded) and you as the CEO can access all relevant information irrespective of your geographical location at any given time.
Security is not a problem since a dealer or a branch can access information that is relevant to him only. ace@web generates report on order status,outstanding statements,ageing analysis,account statement,target related follow ups,inquiry follow ups,etc. Any other kind of specific reports also can be built in subject to technical feasibility.

     What are the ace@web advantages?
All necessary and relevant information is available to dealers, sales representatives and consignment agents at any place and time. Cost-effectively due to the reduction of administrative burden and costs since it involves provision of information smoothly with hardly any overheads. Provides for efficient launch of schemes to promote your products.

     What does ace@web cost?
As an introductory offer to ACE users,we are offering ace@web at Rs. 15,000 onwards which also includes 1 years hosting charges. Here is the opportunity to make your business flow smoothly without any problems. We are sure you will want more details. Please do contact us and we will be happy to oblige

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